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Looking for the perfect day trip from Copenhagen? Enter Malmö!

Sweden’s third most populated city seems to be a lovely mix of the modern and historic. The charming buildings have been well preserved, and stand alongside modern art museums and shopping streets. For all its hustle and bustle, I found Malmö to be a bit more calm than other European cities I’ve visited. It was almost like a palate cleanser. I loved it.

Have you ever wondered what a train going across the Baltic Sea with views for days looks like? Say no more. The ride across Øresund Bridge takes an hour at most. The view is spellbinding.

How to Spend 1 Day in Malmö

Introduction to Malmö


Official Language(s): Swedish

Currency: Krona

Emergency phone number: 112

When to Go to Malmö

Malmö weather
Source: weatherspark.com


I went to Malmö in late October. Why, why did I do this to myself? Y’all, it was so windy chairs were getting knocked over. I was getting knocked over. It was just so cold.

Don’t be an idiot like me. Malmö is famous for its beautiful beaches, and visiting in the summer guarantees 70°F weather. June through July is the sweet spot. Otherwise, it can be too cold and windy to venture to a beach. It’s not important why I know this.

Where to Stay in Malmö

Source: Mayfair Hotel

Mayfair Hotel Tunneln

If you do decide to stay the night, Mayfair Hotel Tunneln is a good choice. It’s located between City Hall and St. Peter’s Church, so basically smack dab in the the center of town. It’s pretty, historic and provides great service for a reasonable price.

How to Get Around in Malmö


I did nothing but walk during my brief but lovely time in Malmö. It almost reminds me of Brussels, in that the city center is so compact and and well laid out that your best mode of transportation is your feet.

The train station is also super easy to find and navigate. From there, you’ll cross the ocean into the town. It’s lovely.

Where to Eat in Malmö

Ahlgrens Konfektyr, Malmö | Broke Girl Abroad

Café Pronto

Café Pronto was where my travel buddy and I originally fled to so we could escape the wind. We chose wisely. The coffee and sweets there are delightful, and the atmosphere is so sweet and cozy.

If you’re brave enough to risk venturing out in seasons that aren’t summer, Café Pronto provides good refuge so you can view the Little Square without actually being in the Little Square.


Korean restaurants are gaining traction in Malmö, we saw several while we walked around the city. Namu’s specialty is Korean infusion, probably the most unique of the offerings you’ll find. 

Ahlgrens Konfektyr

Ahlgrens Konfektyr is where I got my first taste of Swedish chocolates. I was impressed with the quality of the sweets, but also the quality of the service.

Ahlgrens has a massive selection, and I must’ve looked quite overwhelmed, because a staff member asked if I needed assistance. He then proceeded to pick out chocolates based on my preferences (“uh…milk chocolate and caramel, please.”) and was utterly kind the entire time. Sweden, man.

Mando Steakhouse & Bar

Mando Steakhouse & Bar serves hearty food which, after a day of stumbling around in the cold, was hard to say no to. We really enjoyed the loud, fun environment and the delicious dishes that kept us full as we continued exploring Malmö.

Day 1 of 1 Day in Malmö

Lilla Torget, Malmö | Broke Girl Abroad

Lilla Torget

Lilla Torget, or Little Square is probably where you’ll end up after arriving from the train station, and I think it’s a good starting point for your Swedish journey. It’s every bit as sweet, charming and historic as the city itself.


From the darling Little Square into Stortorget, the Town Square, the charm just keeps increasing.

Sodergatan Street

Sodergatan Street is the main shopping street of Malmö. It’s so adorably picturesque that it’s hard not to spend some time enjoying the sights and sounds.

St. Peter’s Church

I found St. Peter’s Church to be a quiet, almost meditative space to visit. So often with popular European churches, getting in is crowded and walking around is worse. Not so here, we were the only ones inside and I thoroughly enjoyed walking through.

Moderna Museet Malmö

Moderna Museet Malmö is free to enter, and the exhibits are constantly changing. Some can get a little weird with a side of  “So…what exactly is the artist trying to say here?” but I really enjoyed my visit.

Oftentimes, they have documentaries playing that are so engrossing you forget what else you have going on (shoutout to Kiki!).

Take a walk through a park

Malmö has so many parks dotted throughout the city. Really, they’re all beautiful (and were decorated for the holidays when I visited), but Kungsparken really takes the cake. It’s huge, has cycling trails and is just all around pretty


Malmohus is a former castle fortress with a wild and varied history. It’s the oldest preserved Renaissance castle in Scandinavia and has exchanged hands more than once. Today, it sits near Kungsparken in the most beautiful setting one can think of. It’s postcard worthy, honestly.

Go to the beach

Malmö’s famous for its sweet and sunny beaches. Feel free to grab a towel and bask in the sun all day long.

Am I still salty that it was too cold for me to beach it up? Only all the time.

Cost Calculator

Know Before You Go

Malmö, Sweden | Broke Girl Abroad

Sweden has all but abandoned traditional currency in exchange for using credit cards exclusively. So if you’re day-tripping from Denmark, don’t fret over exchanging your Danish Krone to Swedish Krona. No lie, I paid for access to a public restroom with my debit card. Sweden is so ahead of the game.

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Safe travels!


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K. Hoodis

Your article brought back such fond memories of my previous visit to Malmö. I remember the charm of the old town, the stunning views across the Øresund Bridge, and the joy of walking around the compact city center. I absolutely agree, Malmö does have a calming effect compared to some of the bustling European cities.
However, my recent trip painted a slightly different picture. With the current high inflation, I realized that planning and budgeting for the trip required more thought and effort. Even the cost of a simple fika or a meal at Namu was noticeably higher. My love for Malmö hasn’t diminished, but the reality of the economic situation has made me reconsider how I budget for my trips. It’s still a fantastic city with its unique mix of modern and historic elements, but a little more saving will be required for my next trip!

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