How to Spend 1 Day in Brno | 1 Day Brno Budget Itinerary

The Ultimate Brno Travel Guide | Broke Girl Abroad

Where Prague, Kutná Hora and Český Krumlov get more and more tourists every year, Brno has remained largely untouched. Don’t take that to mean it isn’t worth a day trip from Prague, it absolutely is! Here you’ll find some of the same charm in the more popular cities of the Czech Republic, minus the crowds. […]

The Wonderfully Weird: The Bears of Český Krumlov

The Wonderfully Weird: The Bears of Český Krumlov | Broke Girl Abroad

The Wonderfully Weird is an occasional series written by Maggie whenever she can get off her lazy butt to document the truly strange and fantastic places she has visited. I really thought the guide was pulling my leg when we approached the Český Krumlov State Castle. “Keep an eye out below the bridge,” he said. […]

How to Spend 3 Days in Brussels | 3 Day Brussels Budget Itinerary

The Ultimate Brussels Travel Guide | Broke Girl Abroad

My dance with Belgium is pretty much a play-by-play example of what not to do. I’ll go into depth throughout the post, but here’s the tldr; I was cheap and flew into Charleroi. Spent the night in an awful Airbnb and took way too long to actually get to Brussels the following morning. Basically, I […]