6 of the Best Road Trip Apps for Easy Traveling

road trip apps

If you’re currently planning a road trip, you’ve likely thought about how your smartphone can come into play to make your journey easier. There are more apps than ever before designed for various aspects of your vacation, and I’ve compiled the best of the best. Here are the six best road trip apps for your big adventure!

6 Best Apps for Road Trips

1. AllTrails

AllTrails is a free app that has mapped over 100,000 of the best hikes. If your socially-distanced road trip involves camping, running or hiking of any kind, give this app a go. The trails are rated by difficulty with reviews from the community, as well as a few tips and tricks. 

2. Roadtrippers

I’ve waxed poetic about Roadtrippers before. It’s the easiest way to plan a road trip that’s based solely around what you want to see. Camping, shopping, points of interest and food & drink are just some of the categories you have at your fingertips to customize your perfect vacation.

3. Google Maps

Obvious suggestion is obvious, but not nearly enough people know about Google Map’s offline function. This is especially useful if you’re headed into territory with minimal to no cell coverage a la Whitaker Point trailhead in Arkansas. Lovely place, zero service. So simply input your route beforehand in an area with wifi, download the map so it can work offline and you’re all set!

Move to Arkansas and Get $10,000 and a Bike | Life Works Here

4. Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy’s biggest draw is finding folks the cheapest gas stations while they’re on their road trip. But what I find most valuable about the app is their trip cost calculator. It’ll give you a pretty good idea of how much you’ll be spending once you’re on the road, cause no one likes unexpected expenses.


In an era of social distancing, I’m avoiding hotels completely and opting for home rentals. VRBO takes the guesswork out of finding a place. Especially now, with everyone aching for a safe getaway, VRBO can find you that one hidden gem. It’s better than Airbnb and Google’s accommodation search feature in that regard.

So here’s the backstory: I was trying to find a place that could safely accommodate myself, my dad and my brother next month near Whitaker Point. Yeah, we’re going back. I love it there.

Folks, finding a space was like pulling teeth. Every cabin, lake house, dog house and the like was booked solid. Or they’d have some excessively large home for around $900+. But then I searched VRBO. And found a cute little lakeside property with great reviews for an affordable price immediately. I’m never using anything else ever again.

6. Spotify

Most are likely using Spotify to create their perfect road trip playlist, and the app works lovely in that regard. But what brings Spotify to the number 6 spot of the best road trip apps list is the incredible podcast content that’s available. 

As a quick plug for my friend Katelyn, her and her roommate Jessica’s podcast, Watch Me Wasted, is available on Spotify. Plenty of episodes to pad a lengthy road trip and make it a memorable one.

Did this list of the best road trip apps help you plan your next adventure? Let me know below!

6 Best Road Trip Apps | Broke Girl Abroad

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Safe travels!


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