6 Unique Transportation Options for Tourists

6 Unique Transportation Options for Tourists

Whenever you’re touring a new city or country, it can be fun to take a transportation option that lets you best see your destination as a tourist. While taking the public transport in your city of choice is always a great method for getting around and saving money, it can be a lot of fun to check out the sites from a different point of view.

From riverboats, to gondolas, funiculars and more, these are six unique transportation options ideal for tourists.

6 Unique Transportation Options for Tourists

1. Funicular | Bergamo, Italy

Bergamo’s funicular has been a staple in the city for over 120 years. Tourists will enjoy the passage through time, as it connects the lower, more modern city to the Upper Town (“Città Alta”) with its towering Venetian walls and breathtaking views.

The funicular departs roughly every fifteen minutes, and tickets can be purchased on site.

2. Taxi-Boat-Taxi | Arenal to Monteverde, Costa Rica

6 Unique Transportation Options for Tourists

This adventure from Arenal (La Fortuna) to Monteverde is admittedly a bit extra. You could easily drive from one spot to another. But the taxi-boat-taxi allows you to get a good glimpse of the Arenal volcano, take in the lake, and catch the stunning green valleys en route to Monteverde.

If you appreciate scenic views, this journey is for you.

3. Gondola | Venice, Italy

6 Unique Transportation Options for Tourists

Few activities garner more eye rolls than a gondola ride in Venice. I happen to think that those who mock this romantic form of transportation have never tried it. 

There’s something magical about gently floating through Venice at sunset, when the city lights up and the river reflects its beauty. Give it a try.

I recommend booking this in advance to save a bit of cash. This option is a favorite of mine, because it includes a walking tour for the price of an on-site gondola ride booking. The meeting point also happens to be next to an amazing bakery. Win-win.

4. Old Port of Montreal–Longueuil Ferry | Montreal, Canada

6 Unique Transportation Options for Tourists
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I sure do have a thing for unique transportation by boat, don’t I? The Old Port of Montreal–Longueuil Ferry is another transportation option that leans a little extra. 

This boat ride will take you from the Old Port of Montreal, to Parc Jean Drapeau before continuing around Ile St. Helene. You could also just… take the metro to get the Parc Jean Drapeau. I was curious, and tried both options.

While the metro is convenient, the ferry gives you a beautiful view of the St. Lawrence River that you’d miss otherwise.

This ride is also limited, its run goes from mid May to mid September once every hour starting at 11 a.m.  So you might as well give it a go if the timing is right.

5. Bernina Express | Switzerland

If you’re short on time and want to see the prettiest views of Switzerland, give the Bernina Express a go!

I especially like this option because it’s quite customizable and let’s you see what you can, when you can. For an example, I paired this route with a tour that took me from Milan, to Tirano, rode the train up to St. Moritz, toured the city and returned to Milan by bus.

There are several more options depending on where you’re staying and where you want to go. Take the journey as far as Lugano, or extend the route by several days with an accompanying tour package. Either way, you’re in for some beautiful scenery.

6. Red Bus Tours | Glacier National Park, Montana

If you read about my quick stop in Glacier National Park, you’ll know I think fondly of the Red Bus Tours. The transportation option was recommended by locals and tourists alike, and I can see why.

On the Red Bus, you’ll great a great overview of GNP. You’ll make several iconic stops without needing to worry about narrow switchbacks or parking. It’s all about convenience so visitors can take in those stunning views.

Did this post show you some unique transportation options for tourists? Lemme know in the comments!

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