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6 Virtual Museum Tours From My Favorite European Museums

6 Virtual Museum Tours From My Favorite European Museums

Quarantine has been hard on all of us (see my last post) but one thing I’ve missed in particular is visiting museums. I love museums, and actively seek them out when I travel anywhere. Some of my favorite travel memories are fantastic museums that take visitors into another world entirely.

So since we can’t travel freely, I’d like to share some of my favorites. These are ones I’ve visited myself that have left an impression on me. Without further ado, here are 6 virtual museum tours from my favorite European museums!

6 Virtual Museum Tours From My Favorite European Museums

1. The Louvre, Paris

6 Virtual Museum Tours From My Favorite European Museums
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There are few museums so iconic as the Louvre. With such a vast collection, you’d need months to explore every inch. Luckily, the folks at the Louvre have put together a lovely collection of virtual tours, featuring everything from Egyptian Antiquities to the Renaissance.

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2. Pergamon, Berlin

The original museum is currently undergoing renovation. I gotta be honest, I laughed when I heard this. I swear, every museum in Berlin is always undergoing some type of renovation.

But I digress.

This video is a brief tour of the current stand-in museum, featuring many of the famous pieces with your own personal tour guide.

3. The Vatican, Rome

6 Virtual Museum Tours From My Favorite European Museums
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I adored visiting the Vatican, but even in the off season, it can be a little crowded. With this virtual tour, you’ll have the whole place to yourself. Including the spectacular Sistine Chapel. Enjoy, friends.

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4. Galleria dell'Accademia, Florence

This quick but informative video makes you feel like you’re on your own private tour of the Galleria. It’s a small but incredible gallery. Even from behind a screen, seeing the David statue still gave me goosebumps like it did when I first walked into the gallery back in 2017.

5. Albertina, Vienna

The Albertina has put together a truly wonderful collection of videos on their channel, perfect for binge-watching. This one will take you through the Monet collection with commentary from the curator.

6. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

6 Virtual Museum Tours From My Favorite European Museums
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I saved the best for last here. The Rijksmuseum put together a marvelous display of their most popular pieces… and even included a fun game for the kids or kid at heart.

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Did you enjoy these 6 virtual museum tours? Let me know in the comments!

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6 Virtual Museum Tours From My Favorite European Museums
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Safe travels!


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