7 Awesome Adventures and Day Trips to do in Hopkins, Belize

7 Awesome Adventures and Day Trips to do in Hopkins, Belize | Broke Girl Abroad

Hopkins is often overlooked in favor of other beachy Belize cities like Placencia and Dangriga, but today, I’m hyping Hopkins. Here’s 7 awesome adventures and day trips to do in Hopkins from yours truly. Hopkins is such a delight and really deserves a visit. It’s less crowded with gorgeous beaches and (as you’ll soon see) lots to do!

7 Adventures and Day Trips in Hopkins, Belize

1. Snorkeling Along the Cayes

If you’re on the beach, might as well snorkel, am I right? Belize has the second-longest barrier reef in the world and it’s all stunning. Clear, blue water with bright corals and sea life for days.

2. Bioluminescent Boat Ride

Bioluminescent Boat Ride in Hopkins, Belize | Broke Girl Abroad

One of the coolest phenomenons you can see in Hopkins is found during the dry months of February – April. Bioluminescence is where the algae in the Sittee River get agitated and glow. In the right conditions (a dark sky after the full moon), you can see the blue glow. It’s really something.

Plus, Hopkins has little light pollution. So, there’s a bonus stargazing included!

3. Scarlet Macaw Spotting Tour

Scarlet Macaws at Red Bank, Belize | Broke Girl Abroad

This might be my favorite tour I did while in Hopkins. February (the month I was there) is a great time to view the scarlet macaw, and we were about an hour away from Red Bank, their favorite nesting spot.

Red Bank is aptly named. The red dirt stains everything, so don’t wear clothes you’re attached to. You’ll also have to wake up super early to spot the birds and hike up a trail that, at times, felt completely vertical. I promise, it’s worth it. They’re the most beautiful birds.

4. Go Cave Tubing

St. Herman's Cave, Belize | Broke Girl Abroad

St. Herman’s Cave is about an hour away and less visited than other caves like the legendary ATM Cave. I… hiked this one. Ooof, it was a doozy. One of those hikes that you look back on and feel like a badass for completing it, but I don’t know that I recommend it to the average Joe. Not everyone likes sweating like crazy inside of a cave on their vacation. In that case, cave tubing might be a much better option.

5. Visit the Belize Zoo

belize zoo

It’s called the best little zoo in the world for a reason! This cute delight would make a fantastic stop. Who doesn’t love a good zoo? Plus, there’s the added bonus of seeing animals that you might not be able to spot in the wild otherwise.

6. Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve Hike

Source: lp-cms-production.imgix.net

Okay, you probably won’t see any actual jaguars on your hike. Trust me, it’s for the best. Jaguars are masters of stealth and disguise. If you do spot one, he was doing a bad job at jaguar-ing. That said, this preserve is stunning. If you need a day of greenery after a day in the ocean, go for this.

7. Take a Day Trip to Placencia

Source: gettoknowbelizeadventures.com

If you have a spare day, why not check out Placencia? There’s lots of great food and shopping, so you can pick up a memento of your time in Belize. After you’re done enjoying time on the beach, of course.

Any ideas for other awesome adventures from Hopkins? Leave a comment below!

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7 Awesome Adventures and Day Trips to do in Hopkins, Belize | Broke Girl Abroad
7 Awesome Adventures and Day Trips to do in Hopkins, Belize | Broke Girl Abroad

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Hey. Just doing some Belize research and came accross your blog. I was looking at San Ignacio and Hopkins, it looks like you have been to both. It seems like a long journey to get from one to the other, I have time to o both, but wondering about getting there and wasting a day of travel. Anytips would be great

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Do you think Placencia is good for 1 day and 2 days in Hopkins?

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