First thing’s first, welcome to my budget travel blog! 

I’m Maggie, a stereotypical Millennial. Really. I eat avocado toast like it’s going out of style. I’m actively killing the napkin industry. I watch a lot of “House Hunters.”

You get the idea.

This blog was born out of a simply phenomenal study abroad experience I had in my final semester of college. I spent four months in Prague, and almost every weekend in another country. It was bliss.

Once I graduated and found a job I loved, I started to miss traveling somewhere new every single weekend. Now that I was a full-time employee, it didn’t seem feasible for work or my bank account. So I started to poke around on the interwebs, and see if any other travel addicts had made the balance work.

The problem? Every travel blog was exactly the same. Each one filled with tales of people who quit their jobs, bought a one-way plane ticket and never looked back.

It was fun to read, sure, but not at all attainable for me. 

So instead, I started planning my own vacations based on the little time and money I had, and discovered something pretty cool.

Everything I did while studying abroad, I could apply to working while traveling.

Short on time? Check.

Low on funds? Check.

Anxious to see everything? Check.

Turns out, it is possible for us working folks to travel frequently without spending much. It just took a semester of trying to make my savings and my weekends last as long as possible to figure it out.

So this blog is all about the 9-to-5 budget traveler. I can’t quit my job to blog full time (and if I’m honest, I don’t really want to). Instead, I’m chronicling all of my adventures and giving you the highlight reel. So if you wanted to say, visit a place but are pressed for time due to those precious vacation days, I’ll give you the scoop. 

I learned how to cram entire cities into a weekend, and I can do the same for you.

I’m so excited that you’re here, hopefully crossing destinations of your bucket list like I am. Slowly but surely, us ordinary, harried, young travelers can see the world, one stop at a time.