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Will I ever shut up about my love for Prague? Not likely.

There’s so much to see and do and I loved every second I was there. While a lot of popular spots are 100% worth checking out (I visited Prague Castle close to ten times while I lived there), there are absolutely delightful, alternative spots in Prague that aren’t in the typical itinerary.

Not knocking on Prague Castle obviously, but it isn’t for everyone. Some travelers look for the less crowded and touristy experiences. And for that, I am happy to oblige, with these 9 alternative spots in Prague.

Alternative Spots in Prague | Alternative Prague Guide

Museum of Communism

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Quick note before you decide whether or not to visit the Museum of Communism; it’s very text-heavy. There’s lengthy info on every wall, telling you just about everything you’ve ever wanted to know. I say this only because some don’t prefer this kind of museum set up. That’s totally fine, I’ll have more museum recs in a bit. 

But if you’re absolutely fascinated by the Communist era and the Velvet Revolution that led to its downfall, give this place a look. It goes into fantastic detail about the rise of the Communist Party and the devastating scars it left on the Czechs.

Žižkov Television Tower

Zizkov TV Tower, Alternative Spots in Prague to Check Out | Broke Girl Abroad

There’s something so unnerving about Communist-era architecture, isn’t there? Anyways, we’re going to continue with the Communist theme here in this alternative Prague guide with the Žižkov Television Tower. Climb (re:take elevator) to the top and you get 360° views of Prague. If you like it, you can drink in the scene at the restaurant. If you really like it, you can spend the night in their one hotel room.

Franz Kafka Museum

Funny travel photos | Broke Girl Abroad

The first thing that’ll greet you before you enter the Franz Kafka Museum is… this. (NSFW I guess).

That’s David Cerny’s work. He’s so damn weird. But I suppose it fits the scene.

Anyways, the museum kind of suits Kafka’s mood and works. It’s very dark and dimly lit. His letters, manuscripts and other personal items are on display, giving a glimpse into his chaotic life. I’ve only read one of Kafka’s works, so I’m pretty unfamiliar, but still enjoyed my visit.

Basilica of St. James

Basilica of St. James, Alternative Spots in Prague to Check Out | Broke Girl Abroad

Let’s continue with the weird theme here, shall we? The Basilica of St. James, beautiful and ornate on its own, contains what is rumored to be the remains of a human hand.

Legend says that the statue of the Virgin Mary gripped the hand of a thief who came in the night to steal people’s offerings. When the thief was found in the morning, the monastery leader asked if the hand should be cut off. Immediately, the statue released the hand, it was cut off and hung on display. Supposedly, it is still there today.

John Lennon Wall

Lennon Wall, Alternative Spots in Prague to Check Out | Broke Girl Abroad

The John Lennon Wall is one of those places that sounds so dumb when you say it out loud. “You want me to see a wall? Um… really?”

Yes, really. The wall represents a rebellion against Communism, as Lennon and Western images were banned under the rule. But after Lennon’s assassination, the wall was quickly painted with his likeness and his quotes. Despite authorities constant attempts to paint over it, the wall quickly became young people’s way of expressing a hope for life without Communist rule. Many credit it as one of the factors leading up to the Velvet Revolution that dissolved Communism in the Czech Republic.

So… go see the wall please.

Convent of St. Agnes

Convent of St. Agnes, Alternative Spots in Prague to Check Out | Broke Girl Abroad

The convent was founded in the 13th century, and still contains artifacts and structures from the time. Today, it’s other purpose is housing a medieval art collection from central Europe, dating from 1200-1550.


Grotta, Alternative Spots in Prague to Check Out | Broke Girl Abroad

This is such a stark contrast from the beautiful Wallenstein Gardens where it resides. The Grotta is a dripstone wall that will probably become the new source of your nightmares. Wanna make it worse? There’s hidden faces and animals in the wall. See if you can spot them, then have fun trying to sleep tonight.

Munincipal House

Source: live.staticflickr.com

There’s always something going on at the Municipal House; a concert, ballet, fashion show and the like. It’s art nouveau style is so pretty that they’ve designed a tour to take visitors around the various rooms and floors.

Afterward, there are a couple of places to grab food, including the Pilsen Restaurant. I stumbled into this place my first week in Prague, and couldn’t get over how stunning it is and how delicious my meal was.

Karel Zeman Museum

Why you should visit the Karel Zeman Museum in Prague | Broke Girl Abroad

And finally, I dearly loved the Karel Zeman Museum. It’s a fun, interactive way to see how a filmmaker worked his magic. You don’t even have to be a fan or even know his movies (I didn’t) to enjoy yourself. It’s a museum for the inner child. Have fun!

Any alternative spots in Prague that you couldn’t get enough of? Leave a comment below!

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Alternative Spots in Prague to Check Out | Broke Girl Abroad

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