How to Apply for Estonia’s Digital Nomad Visa

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As of August 1, eligible remote workers can apply for Estonia’s new Digital Nomad Visa, allowing them to live in the country while working remotely. Approved applicants are able to stay temporarily in Estonia for up to one year.

With a country that looks like this…

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I am admittedly quite tempted. In this post, I’ll go over the finer details of the Digital Nomad Visa; who is eligible, the costs, application process and more!

Estonia’s Digital Nomad Visa

Am I eligible for Estonia’s Digital Nomad Visa?

To find out the eligibility requirements for Estonia’s Digital Nomad Visa, I took a look around their website and found this, straight from the source:

“You can apply for the digital nomad visa if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are able to work independent of location
  • You can perform your work duties remotely using telecommunications technology
  • You either have an active employment contract with a company registered outside of Estonia, conduct business through your own company registered abroad, or work as a freelancer for clients mostly outside of Estonia.
  • You can provide evidence that your income met the minimum threshold during the six months preceding the application. Currently, the monthly income threshold is €3504 (gross of tax).”

€3504 is exactly $4113.61 USD, if you were curious.

In addition, you must be coming from a list of approved countries. This differs a bit from the Barbados Welcome Stamp, so check the continually updated list and make sure your country is on there before applying.

Estonia Digital Nomad Visa Application

The application is linked on their website. Have your passport handy and the information on where you plan on residing. Fill the application out online, print and sign it. There is a state fee depending on which stay you’ve selected; 80€ ($93/92) for a Type C visa and 100€ ($117.40) Type D visa.

To submit your application, make an appointment at your nearest Estonian Embassy or Consulate and bring all required documents (covered below). After that, expect an answer within 30 days.

What documents do I need?

Depending on which visa you’ve selected, required documents are also necessary.

For Type C visas… 

“The following shall be submitted upon application for visa:

  1. a valid travel document which is issued within previous 10 years, contains at least two blank pages for visas and is valid at least 3 months after the expiration date of the visa;
  2. a filled in and signed application form. In case several persons (minors or a spouse) are covered by the same travel document, individual application forms must be filled in and signed by the persons concerned, in case of minors signed by the parental authority or the legal guardian. A minor at least 15 years old may lodge and sign a visa application personally;
  3. photo (size 35x45mm) (PDF);
  4. insurance policy valid in Schengen countries with a coverage of at least 30.000 EUR for the entire duration of stay in Schengen area;
  5. supporting documents” 

For Type D visas… 

“Documents to be submitted upon application for a long-stay visa:

  1. travel document which is issued within previous 10 years, contains at least two blank pages for visas and is valid at least 3 months after the expiration date of the visa;
  2. fully completed and signed application form;
  3. photo (size 35×45 mm);
  4. insurance policy valid for Estonia or for the Schengen area with a coverage of at least 30.000 EUR for the entire duration of stay;
  5. documents indicating the purpose of journey;
  6. at the time of submission of the application, biometrical data – 10 fingerprints of the applicant is collected; children under the age of 12 and persons for whom fingerprinting is physically impossible shall be exempt form the requirement to give fingerprints;
  7. visa fee EUR 100, children 6-11 years EUR 40”

Additional Required Documents

Once you’ve gotten everything needed for your visa application, you’ll then need documents that prove you’re eligible to work remotely. Curious as to what that could entail? This article lays it out pretty nicely… 

  • “documents certifying that you can perform your work duties independent of location and that you use telecommunications technology in the performance of these duties;
  • documents certifying that you continue to work either: for a foreign-registered employer, for a foreign-registered company in which you have a shareholding, or as a freelancer or consultant mainly providing services to clients with a foreign establishment according to a contractual relationship;
  • documents certifying your income during the six months preceding the application and which indicate the amount, regularity, and sources of the income; and
  • a description of your study and professional life course.”

As with all of these new visas, if you don’t expect to be able to contribute to the country’s economy and be a respectful visitor, this probably isn’t for you.

Estonia Digital Nomad FAQs

Given the extensiveness of the application, you may have a lot on your mind. Below, I tried to tackle what I thought might be the most commonly asked questions.

Do I need to pay taxes?

Yes, if you stay in Estonia for more than 183 days in a consecutive 12 month period, you will be required to declare and pay taxes.

Do I need health insurance?

Yes, you must have a health insurance contract before you stay.

Can I bring family?

Your spouse and child (and/ or dependent adult child) may apply for a visa as well. This is decided on a case-by-case basis.

Can I extend my stay?

No, you can apply again for the visa but you cannot extend your current visa.

Would you apply for the Estonia Digital Nomad Visa? Let me know in the comments!

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