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The best times (and places) for leaf-peeping in 2020

The best times (and places) for leaf-peeping in 2020

Ready for a fall road trip? Yeah, me too. In fact, my dad, brother and I planned one out for October. Road trips are a great way to responsibly travel while social-distancing, assuming you’re taking the proper precautions. In our case, we’re renting a cabin in a small state park and ordering takeout. Ah, bliss.

If your idea of a perfect road trip involves leaf-peeping too, read on. I’m going to show you how to use a tool that predicts when those beautiful fall leaves will peak in your desired destination!

The 2020 fall foliage prediction map is the site for leaf-peeping fanatics. It uses public data to predict the season all across the U.S. And, every year, it grows more and more accurate. This handy tool is in its 8th year of operation. I trust it with my life.

So let’s go exploring! When you first arrive on the site, it loads to the current date.

The best times (and places) for leaf-peeping in 2020
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Not too exciting right now, but let’s play around. Say you’re going to Vermont at the end of the month and wanna know how things will be looking. Just click and drag the date line to September 28…

The best times (and places) for leaf-peeping in 2020
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Damn! Lucky you!

Maybe you’re not quite sure where you’re off to, but you know you can sneak away in early October. Where should you drive off to?

The best times (and places) for leaf-peeping in 2020
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Oh man, the Adirondacks would be amazing, wouldn’t they?

For my own personal use, I’m off to Echo Bluff State Park, just outside of Eminence, Missouri in late October.

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*screams with joy* It’s the perfect time!

Enjoy using the fall foliage map tracker, and lemme know where your leaf-peeping road trip may take you!

Some suggestions if you’re in the right place at the right time…

The best times (and places) for leaf-peeping in 2020
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Pin the best times (and places) for leaf-peeping in 2020!

Safe travels!


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