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How to eat healthy on your next road trip

We’ve all been there: You’re trapped in a car, miles (or days) from home, and you’ve run out of snacks that might have kept you eating well and feeling great. That means you have to stop at a gas station and try to pick through the options there, which we all know are laden with fat, sugar, and salt, as well as lots of other unhealthy things. So what do you do?

Well, those snacks you originally planned are a great first step. For starters, get even more ambitious with them. Get yourself a cooler that fits well in your car so that you can keep what needs to be cool, cold. Gel ice packs are also a necessity so you can maintain the temperature inside the cooler. And you want to eat well without the trash, so get some reusable containers too. How else can you plan for healthy eating on a road trip? This graphic offers some ideas.

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