How to Find a COVID Safe Vacation Destination

This article on how to find a COVID safe vacation destination originally appeared in Say Insurance. Read the full piece here.

Budget travelers know that getting away can be something you fit into your everyday life. But if you’ve been hunkering down at home during the pandemic, you’re not alone. With lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, travel has slipped to the bottom of many of our to-do lists. If you’re eager to get back out in the world and see some sights, you’re in good company.
Unfortunately, the pandemic isn’t over yet. Depending on your risk group, you may feel cautious about exposing yourself to COVID-19. Plus, many places still have travel restrictions and requirements that could impact your trip. This handy graphic will help you know what to ask when you book your accommodations. Plus, it will arm you with tools to stay safe on your journey and at your destination. COVID-19 will likely be with us for a while longer. But with common-sense precautions, you can feel safe getting away and exploring new destinations.

Safe travels!


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