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How to Fish and Visit in Montauk State Park

Montauk State Park Fishing

Montauk State Park is where everyone in Missouri goes to fish. Okay, not entirely true, but it is one of the best spots for it. Montauk sits at the head of the Current River, which has some of the clearest, bluest waters you’ll ever see. Hatcheries on site make it ideal for rainbow and brown trout angling.

If you want to visit Montauk State Park, for fishing or otherwise, read on. I’ll tell you the ins and outs.

Visiting Montauk State Park

About Montauk State Park

Montauk State Park Fishing
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Montauk State Park was founded in 1926, although buildings on site such as the Old Mill date back as far as 1896! It quickly became a popular fishing spot, and continues to attract the young and old alike.

How to Get to Montauk State Park

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Many get to Montauk from Salem. Take Hwy 32 for 10.9 miles to MO-119 S, then continue for 7.9 miles until County Rd 6660.

Montauk State Park Fishing Report

Montauk State Park Fishing
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Missouri’s trout park season is March 1 to October 31. The Missouri Department of Conservation keeps a detailed log of fishing prospects.

Fishing Report

How to Fish at Montauk State Park

Montauk State Park Fishing
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If you’d like to fish at Montauk, license and daily trout tags are required. These can be purchased from the state park concessionaire.

Montauk has three fishing areas: Catch-and-Release Only Area, Fly Fishing Only Area, and Artificial Lures and Natural Bait Area.

There are limits to the amount you are allowed to catch per day, and hours vary by month. See the website for the full list of regulations.

Montauk State Park Cabins

Montauk State Park Fishing
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For those wanting to extend their fishing trip, Montauk has both small-to-large cabins and a motel for visitors. You don’t even have a to be a fishing fan to stay, since lodging is open year round. Call 573-548-2434 to make a reservation.


Montauk State Park Dining

Montauk State Park Fishing
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I highly suggest a meal at the Dorman L. Steelman Lodge. The menu includes breakfast lunch and dinner, and it’s fabulous. Pro tip: Fridays are cat fish Fridays. You can’t go wrong there.


What to know before you go

Did this post inspire you to visit Montauk State Park? Let me know down below!

Montauk State Park Fishing
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Safe travels!


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