How to Pack for a Cold, Windy Destination

How to Pack for a Cold, Windy Destination

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Packing for a cold, windy destination can prove to be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re traveling by plane and trying to keep your luggage to a minimum. However, it’s entirely possible to bring everything you need, no checked bags required, just so long as you’re game to do a little creative layering when you fly.

By wearing your moisture-wicking base layers, topped by middle insulating layers, you’ll save plenty of suitcase space, and that’s even more true when it comes to your heavy, bulky jacket. Pro tip: save extra room by tucking your gloves and hat into your coat pockets. Your boots and warm socks might leave your feet a little extra toasty during your flight, but it’s worth wearing them on the plane to save all that space (and weight) in your bag. As a bonus, wearing all that gear means you’re guaranteed to be cozy and comfy when you land, even if your baggage is delayed! Find more tips for packing like a pro in this infographic.

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