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Roughly an hour train ride from Milan, Bergamo is a city that begs to be visited. Located just beneath the Dolomites, the city screams old world European charm. Probably because… it is old. It became a Roman municipality in 49 B.C. And it’s older upper district, Città Alta, has preserved that history remarkably well. Venture up there and you’ll find cobblestone streets, guarded by Venetian walls with old forts and castles dotted throughout the landscape. If I had the means, I’d buy a house there in a heartbeat.

But since I don’t, I visited for a day, and now I’m gonna try to convince you to do the same! And if you do happen to purchase real estate in the area, consider letting me tag along. I’m an excellent baker and can totally take all your Instagram photos to make your friends and family jealous.

Anyways, your day will be packed, so let’s get going!

Milano Centrale | Broke Girl Abroad

You can take the train from Milan to Bergamo. Once you’ve arrived at the station, there’s a shop inside where you can purchase transportation passes for the day. Step outside and get a look at this view!

Bergamo, Italy | Broke Girl Abroad

To get there, take the blue line 1 for eight stops. It’ll take you here.

Città Alta, Bergamo | Broke Girl Abroad

I know, right?!

You’ll find some steps that’ll take you up to Piazza Duomo.

Piazza Duomo, Bergamo | Broke Girl Abroad

It’s a gorgeous area, and it has two stunning buildings.

Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore…

Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, Bergamo | Broke Girl Abroad

and the Colleoni Chapel next door. Both are free to enter.

Colleoni Chapel, Bergamo | Broke Girl Abroad

If you’re down to purchase some local goods (*raises hand*) walk down Via Bartolomeo Colleoni to the market area. I’ve seen everything under the sun being sold here, including beautifully intricate furniture. Instead, I walked away with earrings. But man, I could’ve furnished my apartment there!

Outdoor market in Bergamo | Broke Girl Abroad

Continue up the street and you’ll find yourself at the station for the Funicolare S. Vigilio. Your travel passes you bought at the train station will work for this too, so hop on!

Funicular, Bergamo | Broke Girl Abroad

Castello di San Viglio is a quick walk up, and also free to enter. 

Castello di San Viglio, Bergamo | Broke Girl Abroad

The views just keep getting better and better here.

Castello di San Viglio, Bergamo | Broke Girl Abroad

If you’re hungry, I can’t recommend lunch at San Viglio enough. The view alone is enticing. I’d eat cardboard if it meant overlooking such beauty, but the food here is delightful. I savored my lunch, I was probably there almost two hours hanging onto every bite of my ravioli.

San Viglio, Bergamo | Broke Girl Abroad

The Botanical Gardens of Lorenzo Rota are close by, but they close in October (I visited in November). We could kinda get a good view from the gate of what there was to see. Looks pretty. More reason to return, amiright?

Botanical Gardens of Lorenzo Rota, Bergamo | Broke Girl Abroad

A short walk later and you’ll find yourself at the Rocca Museum

Rocca Museum, Bergamo | Broke Girl Abroad

Walk up the stairs and you’ll see an office where you can buy your ticket.

Rocca Museum, Bergamo | Broke Girl Abroad

The museum is exclusively in Italian, but still cool. I could make out some of what the displays were with my limited language skills.

Rocca Museum, Bergamo | Broke Girl Abroad

The real treasure though, is the castle. Walk through the courtyard and up the stairs to find views for days.

Rocca Museum, Bergamo | Broke Girl Abroad

Views. For. Days.

Rocca Museum, Bergamo | Broke Girl Abroad

At this point, it’s probably time to head back to the station (or find a hotel and spend the night!) so walk to viale Vittorio Emanuele fr. 79 Porta S. Agostino. Take blue line 1 seven stops, and you’re back!

Check out the Christmas market if you’re there during the season. I got so many gifts there. 

Christmas markets, Bergamo | Broke Girl Abroad

Ah, Bergamo. If I ever win the lottery, I’m yours.

Bergamo, Italy | Broke Girl Abroad

Do you have plans to visit this beautiful city? If so, can I come? Let’s chat logistics in the comments!

A Day in Bergamo | Broke Girl Abroad

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Safe travels!


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