Move to Arkansas and Get $10,000 and a Bike | Life Works Here

Move to Arkansas and Get $10,000 and a Bike | Life Works Here

Just one month after a lovely hiking trip to Arkansas, I was already dreaming of returning. So you can imagine my joy when I found out that the state had launched the Life Works Here initiative.

In an effort to attract top young talent to Northern Arkansas, the initiative will give you $10,000 and a mountain bike for moving there.

Anyways, here’s what “there” looks like…

Hiking Whitaker Point (Hawksbill Crag) Arkansas in the Fall

So yeah, would highly recommend.

In this post, I’ll go over eligibility requirements, cost of living, and where I would suggest settling in Northern Arkansas.

Arkansas $10,000 Life Works Here Initiative

Am I eligible for Arkansas $10,000 Life Works Here Initiative?

The eligibility requirements for this relocation program are significantly less than ones I’ve covered in the past, like Barbados Welcome Stamp. The website lists out the requirements, and they’re pretty simple. You must be:

  1. At least 24 years old
  2.  Have at least two years of work experience
  3.  Have full-time employment (which includes self-employment)
  4.  Currently resides outside of the state of Arkansas 
  5.  Can relocate to Northwest Arkansas within six months of acceptance
  6.  U.S. citizen or has the necessary credentials required to work legally in the U.S.
Move to Arkansas and Get $10,000 and a Bike | Life Works Here

Arkansas Life Works Here Application

The application is linked on the website. As far as I can tell, there doesn’t appear to be any fee involved.

Once you’ve submitted your application, it’s review time. A review panel will evaluate your application, interview you and award the incentives if you’re selected. 

Move to Arkansas and Get $10,000 and a Bike | Life Works Here

Arkansas Life Works Here initiative FAQs

Below, I tried to tackle what I thought might be the most commonly asked questions.

If I’m selected, where will I live?

Anywhere in Northwest Arkansas, which includes Benton and Washington Counties.

Are grants limited to one per household, or can my family apply?

Just one per household.

Will the program help me find a job?

Nope, this is intended for folks who can work remotely. 

Will the program help me find housing?

No, but there are website links to help you in your search.

Move to Arkansas and Get $10,000 and a Bike | Life Works Here

Where is the best place to move to in Northern Arkansas?

Great question! I happen to think all of Northern Arkansas is marvelous, but you’d probably like specifics, so here I go…

Rogers would be my top pick. It’s the largest city in Benton county, with plenty to do and see. It’s also strategically located to all the neat places in the state…

  • 18 minute drive to Crystal Bridges Art Museum
  • 50 minute drive to Eureka Springs
  • 1 hr and 40 minute drive to Whitaker Point
  • 28 minute drive to Bella Vista
Move to Arkansas and Get $10,000 and a Bike | Life Works Here

What is the cost of living in Northern Arkansas?

You can use the cost of living calculator found the initiative’s website to figure out what the cost of living would be compared to your current location. You’ll get a good idea of the average cost of housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, healthcare and miscellaneous expenses.

Would you apply for the Arkansas $10,000 Life Works Here initiative? Let me know in the comments!

Move to Arkansas and Get $10,000 and a Bike | Life Works Here

Pin how to apply for the Arkansas $10,000 Life Works Here initiative for later!

Safe travels!


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Hi I am from Arizona and applied for this because we are sick of the desert! I meet all of the requirements! I applied and never heard anything back at all…. also I am wondering if there is a way to check out the status of the application?

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