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Use This Tool to Plan Your Next Road Trip


If a road trip sounds appealing to you, but you’re not sure where to begin, I have just the tool for you! Check out, a tool that points out amazing sites, delicious eats and fun accommodations along your route.

Today, I’m going to show you how to use the this tool to plan your road trips, and we’ll use my upcoming vacation from Kansas City to Echo Bluff State Park as an example. Let’s go! 101

How to Use Road Trippers

Use this tool to plan your next road trip |

Start exploring

Here’s what the main page of roadtrippers looks like. You can start by imputing your destination, or — if you need inspiration — explore places in your area.

Use this tool to plan your next road trip |

RV or Auto

Notice how you have the option of planning a road trip for an RV or a car. Since I’ll be going via Honda Civic, I selected “Auto Travel.”

How to Plan Your Road Trip

Use this tool to plan your next road trip |

Here’s my trip all worked out! I can see based on the shaded portion of the route that there are quite a few activities and sites worth stopping for. Powell Gardens, the Battle of Lexington Site, Arrow Rock — it’s all there! You can even filter the planner based on a particular category. 

Roadtrippers has these main categories…

Attractions & culture, food & drink and points of interest let you further narrow your interests down with sub-categories. For example, attractions & culture has options for amusement parks, museums and winter attractions. Pretty neat, huh?

Use this tool to plan your next road trip |

Here’s an example of what that looks like in action. Roadtrippers also includes ratings and comments, so you can see what others thought of their visit.

(I’m sure glad that people seemed to like the Nelson-Atkins, because I love it!)

To save your road trip…

Did this post help you plan your next road trip? Let me know in the comments!

Pin This Guide!

Use this tool to plan your next road trip |

Pin this Roadtrippers guide to how to plan a road trip for later!

Safe travels!


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Carrie Cochran

This sounds like a fantastic tool! I’ll definitely be checking it out for a fall roadtrip. Thanks for sharing 👍

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