my trip from hell podcast

My Trip from Hell Podcast

What was your worst vacation ever?

Did you miss your flight and get stuck in an endless layover? Was your hotel flooded or fraught with disease? Were you robbed or had your wallet and passport stolen? Did you get food poisoning on day one of your excursion? What trip was the worst of the worst and how did you survive?

We want to know.

We’ve been there, too.

Who are the hosts?

Maggie and Daniel are siblings who started a YouTube series attempting to answer TripAdvisor questions of cities they had visited in the past. Inevitably, the conversation would turn to awful vacations and the stories that come with them.

We want to hear from you!

Tell us your trip from hell, and all of the horrific details that came with it! No story is too strange or too awful to be excluded.

If submitting a form isn’t for you, feel free to send in your story to [email protected].

Let the terrible trip tales begin!