All of the trips I’m going to take when coronavirus is over | When This is All Over

All of the trips I’m going to take when coronavirus is over | Broke Girl Abroad

I’m gonna fantasize for a bit in this post. Let’s pretend that, 5 months from now, coronavirus has been contained and everything is back to normal. When COVID-19 becomes NOVID-19 (lol) where is the first place I’ll travel to? Friends, I wrote an entire post on this very topic!

Disclaimer: I’m projecting further out than some because I don’t trust myself to not get attached to imaginary timelines. If we quarantine past July, so be it. I got my Netflix and work pajamas. Trust me, I’m ready.

Another disclaimer is that this post is chock full of petty complaints regarding COVID-19. I’m aware how dire the situation is, and that, in this time of crisis, no one cares how I feel. So don’t take this post seriously. I’m just distracting myself here.

So let’s hop on over to dreamland for a bit, and imagine post-coronavirus vacations. Some of these are legitimate vacations I had been hoping to take, but hadn’t yet booked. So you better believe I’m taking these lockdowns seriously, if only for my own selfish reasons that I wanna travel already dammit!

…anyways, here it is. All of the trips I’m going to take when the coronavirus is over.

When This is All Over | COVID to NOVID

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Peru and Machu Picchu: September

I’ve been planning this stupid trip to Peru for ages now. I wanna go already! I’m so ready! I’m learning basic Spanish phrases and even started lifting weights so I won’t look like a wimp on the Colca Canyon hike. Did y’all hear (read) that? I am working out for this trip. That’s how badly I wanna go.

The more pictures I see of Peru, the more I’m convinced that this trip will be amazing. It’ll be my first ever adventure into South America. Granted, the entire continent seems stunning no matter where you go, but I’m dead set on Peru as a starting point. I’ve heard September is a great time to go. I hope it is.

Eiffel Tower | Broke Girl Abroad

Belgium and France: November

My friend and fellow MBA student Tara suggested this trip. She’s never been outside the country, and wanted Belgium to be her first international experience. Girl is a history nerd and wants to visit the Royal Museum for Central Africa. Word on the street is Belgium is finally confronting their ugly, racist colonial past and this museum showcases all of it. Tara is skeptical, and wants to see this in person.

And since we’ll be in Europe, I wanted to give her the grand tour. We’ll be staying in Paris because… you gotta. First time in Europe, you go to Paris (ask me how I know). We’re also hoping to hit up the French countryside, as well as a German Christmas market, which is a joy everyone should experience.

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The Great South American Adventure: Christmas Break

You ever plan a trip that would take up, like, a zillion vacation days but hold onto it anyways? Great, that’s what I did too!

I’m assuming that, of all my fantasy trips, this one is most likely to not happen. At least not this year, but probably not for awhile. Throwing it up here anyways because just the thought sparks joy.

Picture it: 4 countries, all of the amazing highlights. I give you… combining 2 tour company itineraries together and hoping for the best!

The first leg of the journey is through G Adventures’s La Paz to Buenos Aires: Andes & the Atacama Desert. 15 days of endless outdoor excitement.

Here’s a brief lowdown…

Day 1: La Paz
Day 2 La Paz/Sucre
Day 3: Sucre
Day 4: Sucre
Day 5: Sucre/Potosí
Day 6: Potosí
Day 7: Potosí/Uyuni
Day 8: Uyuni/Salt Flats and Desert Crossing
Day 9: Salt Flats and Desert Crossing
Day 10: Salt Flats and Desert Crossing /San Pedro de Atacama
Day 11: San Pedro de Atacama
Day 12: San Pedro de Atacama/Salta
Day 13: Salta
Day 14: Salta/Buenos Aires
Day 15: Buenos Aires

No lie, I might get there a day early so I have more time to explore La Paz. I hear great things. From Buenos Aires, I’m gonna join Contiki’s Argentina & Brazil Highlights. It’s a newer offering, but honestly, it all looks right up my alley!

Day 1: Buenos Aires
Day 2: San Antonio de Areco Day Trip
Day 3: Buenos Aires
Day 4: Buenos Aires
Day 5: Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls
Day 6: Iguazu Falls
Day 7: Iguazu Falls to Rio de Janeiro
Day 8: Rio de Janeiro
Day 9: Rio de Janeiro
Day 10: Depart Rio de Janeiro

After that, I’ll shut up and fly home from Rio. So that’s… at least 25 days but probably 26. And I’m an American with limited vacation days so, I’m gonna go on record and say that this trip is most definitely not gonna happen this year. Fun to dream about though. Maybe someday.

Where are you dreaming of post-coronavirus? Lemme know in the comments!

All of the trips I’m going to take when coronavirus is over | Broke Girl Abroad

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Safe travels!


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