Reddit’s Best Travel Advice and Tips

What's the best piece of travel advice you've ever given/received?

About 6 years ago, user u/sciencearthuman posted in r/askreddit, “What’s the best piece of travel advice you’ve ever given/received?”

Redditors really pulled out the stops for this one. I found so many great tips and tricks that I’m saving for eventual vacations.

To help you for all your future trips, here is all of Reddit’s best travel advice!

1. You'll always remember the cool thing

Even though my site is called Broke Girl Abroad, I fully endorse spending the big bucks if it makes for a memorable experience. Gondola rides in Venice, for example, can range from $40-80. But the gondola ride I took at sunset down the Grand Canal was so special to me, it was worth every penny.

2. Great stories come from somewhere

See: every mistake I ever made while studying abroad. The story of forgetting my passport while at the airport is still one of my favorites to tell.

3. Choose your travel companions wisely

I’ve lucked out a lot in this regard. I’m someone who loves to plan things down to the minute and research every possible site, activity and restaurant. Many who I’ve traveled with hate planning, and are more than happy to throw that to me.

Sometimes your travel styles can mesh unexpectedly, too. I loved seeing incredible art work and famous paintings in the various museums I trekked to. My travel companion wasn’t a huge art fan, but loved the ambiance of museums. She was perfectly content to chill in the space while I gawked over every Vermeer in sight.

4. Know phrases and take photos

This tip to take a photo of your hotel can also come in handy if you’re lost. Flag down a friendly face and (politely) ask for help finding the hotel in the photo. Having a picture on hand makes it easier for both parties involved.

5. Photograph your luggage too

I take a very distinctly patterned luggage with me to make it easier to find in baggage reclaim, and a photo will only help further. Easier than trying to describe your brightly colored floral patterned expandable carry-on.

6. Don't rush yourself

I say this as someone who has lived in Kansas City my whole life and still not seen everything there is to see. If you’re enjoying a particular stop on your vacation, give yourself permission to slow down and take it in.

My additional adage to this is, “Always assume you’ll be back,” because you truly never know.

7. Take care of your own hygiene


8. Be a tourist. Really.

I’ve noticed a somewhat recent move in the travel blogging world to mention how you can “blend into the crowd” and “live like a local” without doing all those “touristy” things.

It’s pretty snobbish if you think about it. Not to mention, near impossible. People can sense a tourist from a mile away, no matter how hard they try to appear like a local.

Also, if I may get on my soapbox, people like doing touristy things because they’re fun. Usually, sites are popular for a reason. Don’t try to hide your enthusiasm, embrace it!

Did you enjoy Reddit’s best travel advice? What other tips would you add? let me know in the comments!

What's the best piece of travel advice you've ever given/received?

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