Why You Need to See Roaring River State Park in Missouri

Roaring River State Park

Roaring River State Park is Missouri’s greatest hidden gem. Photos will convince you that this little rainbow trout hatchery is somewhere far, far away from the small town of Cassville.

What makes Roaring River so spectacular? Well, let’s ask the official website.

Imagine a place with a cold, spring fed stream that cleanses your soul. A place where you can explore nature with the innocence and wonder of a child, without any of the expectations of an adult. A place with a lush green valley caressed by magnificent hills. A place where you can feel the peacefullness of birds singing and a gentle breeze rustling through the trees. A memory to last for a lifetime….

Imagine no more….

You’ve just entered Roaring River State Park, Missouri’s best kept secret.

Ready to take it all in? I’m here to help! Read on.

Visiting Roaring River State Park

About Roaring River State Park

Roaring River State Park

Roaring River State Park houses a rainbow trout hatchery which attracts anglers every season. In addition, the spring-fed stream exits the limestone from several feet above and it’s incredible to witness.

How to Get to Roaring River State Park

To get to Cassville, many take Hwy 112. Follow signs to the Roaring River Hatchery.

Roaring River State Park Fishing

Roaring River State Park

Missouri’s trout park season is March 1 to October 31. For regulations, visit the official website.

Roaring River State Park Cabins

Roaring River State Park

Visitors have the option to stay at the Emory Melton Inn (which also has an attached restaurant).

For those interested in cabins, the CCC Lodge has a variety of options to suit everyone from individuals to families.


Roaring River State Park Dining

Roaring River State Park

The aforementioned Emory Melton Lodge’s restaurant makes for a fabulous stop for a hearty meal. In addition to standard menu items, there are daily specials and fresh caught fish.


Deer Leap Trail

Roaring River State Park

This is the easiest and shortest trail at Roaring River. It leads to an overlook above the hatchery and spring. It’s a scenic, quick hike that will show you the prettiest parts of the park if you’re short on time.


Roaring River Live Cam

Roaring River Vlog

What to know before you go

Roaring River Photos

Roaring River State Park
Roaring River State Park
Roaring River State Park
Roaring River State Park
Roaring River State Park
Roaring River State Park
Roaring River State Park
Roaring River State Park

Did this post inspire you to visit Roaring River State Park? Let me know down below!

Roaring River State Park
Roaring River State Park
Roaring River State Park

Pin visiting Roaring River State Park!

Safe travels!


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Damon Pueppke

I am an avid hiker at Roaring River. I’ve gone on every trail there. The fire tower trail runs from one side of the park at the hatchery all the way to the end of the camp grounds. If you make a loop of it you will end up hiking around 6 miles. Great trail if your looking to lose weight!

Spring and fall is the best time to go see the park, the spring for the fresh green and flowers and the fall for the cool winds and great view through the trees.

I’ve made several hiking videos on my Facebook page showing off the park. I also leave behind crystal rocks and other interesting things I find on my hikes at the hatchery area for other people to have as a souvenir.

Brenda Ragusin

My parents and I went there almost every
Year for vacation. We recommended to
Family and friends and they would tag along.
I love it there, the hiking, trout fishing, and
Taking dips in the cold water. I an going
This June 2021, and taking my parents again.
My dad is 91 and my mom is 83. Looking
Forward to surprising them with this trip.
Things have changed there over the past
60 years, but lots of memories. Also
Have to make a trip to Silver Dollar City.

Lainey Harvick

Check out Harvick Farms and Zone 4 Mini Golf and More in Cassville. Two fun places to go and kill some time with the family. Harvick Farms is a garden nursery and has free classes like gardening, painting, social hours, etc. throughout the season. Zone 4 has mini golf, axe throwing, batting cages and weekend events as well.

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