The 6 Best Restaurants in Weston MO

Best Restaurants in Weston MO

Planning a weekend getaway to Weston? Then you’ll want to dig into the rich culinary scene in this small town! Weston is full of great places to eat and, tbh, it was tough to narrow down my list.

Here are my picks for the 6 best restaurants in Weston, MO!

6 Best Restaurants in Weston, MO

1. Tin Kitchen

Best Restaurants in Weston MO

Tin Kitchen is a southern-style smokehouse famous for their BBQ that’s been smoked for up to 16 hours. It’s quite hearty fare, so make sure you arrive hungry.

I recommend: the brisket sandwich


2. Green Dirt Farm and Creamery

Best Restaurants in Weston MO
Source: Green Dirt Farm

Green Dirt Farm is about as farm-to-table as it gets. The family behind the restaurant/store runs a goat farm (that you can tour!) with many dairy products made from that very goat milk.

You can stop by for a sandwich and snacks, or stock up on the goods supplied in the storefront.

I recommend: The Cuban sandwich with yogurt for the road


3. Avalon Cafe

Best Restaurants in Weston MO

Avalon Cafe is the perfect setting for Sunday brunch. It’s located inside a grand historic home with outdoor seating perfect for taking in downtown Weston. While both the lunch and dinner menu have some great selections, the brunch meals really shine.

I recommend: The famous baguette French toast


4. Weston Coffee Roastery

Best Restaurants in Weston MO

This place is a fun stop for breakfast or a quick caffeine boost. The shop frequently hosts local musicians and there’s always a good variety of coffee blends available.

I recommend: One of the breakfast wraps or cinnamon roll

5. O'Malley's Pub/America Bowman Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Weston MO

American Bowman sits alongside O’Malley’s Pub, the oldest pub in Missouri with a 50 foot deep limestone cellar. After you eat your share of Irish fare, take a walk through the pub.

(You can also check out what was once the world’s largest ball of string. It’s fun for a silly photo op.)

I recommend: Shepard’s pie


6. Main Street Galleria & The Upstairs Tearoom

Best Restaurants in Weston MO

The tea room is part old-timey shop and part tea room with light lunches available. Do what I did, and go for both. The upstairs tea room is a lovely spot for sandwiches and tea. The main level has a soda fountain, nostalgic candies, fudge and ice cream.

I recommend: The lavender lemonade (get the large)

Did this post inspire you to check out the best restaurants in Weston? Lemme know in the comments!

Safe travels!


Best Restaurants in Weston MO

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