The Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in the World

venice, italy

One of the ways I’ve avoided the travel bug bite during quarantine is through reliving old vacation photos. Who needs to go anywhere when I can get lost in Paris 2017?!

It was during a particular deep dive that I realized I had quite the collection of beautiful places. So I decided to compile it into a top 10 for this post, which wasn’t easy. That said, here’s my top 10 most beautiful places in the world (in my opinion).

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places on Earth

1. Monteverde, Costa Rica

Hiking in a Fairytale | Monteverde's Cloud Forest in Costa Rica | Broke Girl Abroad

I could have easily cheated and said all of Costa Rica, since it’s such a stunning country. But Monteverde sticks out to me as one of the most beautiful places on earth since, as the name implies, it’s a mountainous green region. The Cloud Forest genuinely feels like a fairytale come to life. The pristine greenery and quaint little town are straight out of a storybook. It’s absolutely enchanting.

2. Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy | Broke Girl Abroad

Venice gets a spot on the most beautiful places list because I feel like it unfairly gets a bad rap. I heard nothing but the worst about Venice before I first went there; it’s so touristy, the water is dirty, it’s overrated.

Folks, this is far from the truth. And, a quick side note about the canal water: it isn’t crystal clear but ye gods, people made it seem like toxic sludge! It’s not.

If you get past St. Mark’s Square (which, don’t get me wrong, I love) Venice treats you to a picturesque side of the city. The islands of Murano and Burano, the endless alleyways and museums off of the beaten path are where Venice truly shines. Give it a chance and you may love it just as much as I did.

3. Pella, Iowa

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places on Earth | Broke Girl Abroad

I adore Iowa, but Pella was a special find. The town was founded by Dutch immigrants from long ago, and the residents have worked hard to maintain that historic charm. It really reminds me of my beloved Ste. Genevieve and the work that goes into restoring and maintaining these old buildings.

There’s a tulip festival, a little Dutch reenactment village and, adorably enough, even big box businesses like Casey’s and Walmart do their part to blend in with the Dutch architecture. 

4. Glacier National Park

Wild Goose Island, Glacier National Park | Broke Girl Abroad

I couldn’t get through a list of the most beautiful places on earth without mentioning Glacier National Park. It’s magnificent. I can’t wait to go back and explore the park a little more.

I find it almost hard to believe such a stunning landscape like Glacier National Park is so easily accessible (I explored it without a car). Montana just looks like it’s been Photoshopped. 

5. Montreal and Quebec City, Canada

Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal | Broke Girl Abroad

I’m technically cheating here, but I just couldn’t decide between the two!

Where Quebec City’s beauty is in its old town, walkable charm, Montreal’s grandeur makes for an unforgettable experience. How could I choose between the spellbinding Notre Dame Basilica or Rue du Petit-Champlain? Answer: I could not and did not.

6. Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic | Broke Girl Abroad

I really have a soft spot for historic old towns, don’t I?

Český Krumlov makes the most beautiful places list because it has everything a real-life fairytale needs; grand castle, imposing bridge, bonus bears, and the quaint, colorful architecture that transports you back in time as you wander through the cobblestone paths.

7. Nassau, the Bahamas

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places on Earth | Broke Girl Abroad

Nassau is a color palette come to life. The colors of this city are so bright and beautiful everywhere you look. The waters of Junkanoo Beach are crystal clear and blue. And everywhere you look, flowers for days. What a gem.

8. St. Moritz, Switzerland

St. Moritz, Switzerland | Broke Girl Abroad

St. Moritz was a repeat host of the Winter Olympics and a popular ski destination. The tiny town is set against a gorgeous backdrop; a lake between an impressive mountain range that looks almost untouched.

I visited during the off-season, and it was an experience. Wandering through near empty streets made me feel like I had the whole town to myself.

9. Giverny, France

Claude Monet's Giverny gardens | Broke Girl Abroad

It’s the garden where Monet painted his famous water lilies. The inspiring setting has been meticulously cared for, making this beautiful place a treat for the eyes. It’s easy to see why Monet felt so inspired by this area.

10. Bergamo, Italy

Bergamo, Italy | Broke Girl Abroad

Rounding out the list of the top 10 most beautiful places in the world is Bergamo. Nestled into the Dolomites, Bergamo’s old town has integrated seamlessly into the mountains. The higher up your viewpoint is, the more beautiful it becomes.

Is there a beautiful place that you’d like to share? Leave a comment down below!

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