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The Wonderfully Weird: The Underground Markets of Brno

The Wonderfully Weird: The Underground Markets of Brno | Broke Girl Abroad

The Wonderfully Weird is an occasional series written by Maggie whenever she can get off her lazy butt to document the truly strange and fantastic places she has visited.

Most of what you’ll want to see in Brno is found underground. The Ossuary, the Capuchin Monastery, and much more that hasn’t yet been found, for all we know.

One of my favorite underground adventures involved a place known as the Labyrinth Under the Cabbage Market. I’ve also heard it referred to as the Vegetable Market. But if you ask for directions with either name, the locals will know what you mean.

Labyrinth Under the Green Market, Brno, Czech Republic | broke Girl Abroad
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Originally, beginning in the 13th century, the market took place aboveground, where people could buy food from the merchants. Over time, people built the cellars underneath their homes for the purposes of storing these goods.

The cellars actually weren’t even uncovered until recently. At first, they weren’t connected. But when cellar after cellar kept popping up, a massive structural change took place in 2009 to connect them into the passage you see today.

Guys… it’s so cool.

Labyrinth under the Green Market, Brno | Broke Girl Abroad
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Venture down 212 steps and you’re completely underground. You’ll pass through a replica wine cellar and learn how the good stuff was made back in the day.

A little further is an alchemy laboratory recreation that showcases how medicinal treatments were put together. 

You can see what the markets would’ve looked like and how they’d be setup. 

And, I gotta be honest, the underground feature is way fun. I’m so glad Brno made the effort to connect the cellars cause I had a great time traversing through them.

Labyrinth Under the Green Market, Brno, Czech Republic | Broke Girl Abroad
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Does an underground market trip appeal to you? Should we request this of the next Trader Joe’s location? Let’s chat below!

The Wonderfully Weird: The Underground Markets of Brno | Broke Girl Abroad
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