Tips for Packing a Cooler Like a Pro

Tips for Packing a Cooler Like a Pro

This article on tips for packing a cooler like a pro originally appeared in Say Insurance. Read the full article here.

The perfect getaway requires the perfect snacks — and that means it’s important to have a well-stocked cooler that suits your needs. Of course, that begins with buying the right cooler, which can vary from a small, personal cooler for a solo day trip to a large cooler to chill food and drinks for the whole family on a longer voyage. Maybe you need multiple coolers for food, drinks, and raw meat, and if you’re going to have it out in the sun, you may consider a lighter colored or reflective one, which will stay cold longer.

Once you have the perfect cooler, it’s time to fill it, and the best way to keep everything cold for the duration of your vacation is to start with a layer of ice sprinkled with rock salt, lay down a solid “floor” layer (like cardboard wrapped in plastic), fill it with food and drinks, then fill in any gaps with ice. You can find more tips for buying, filling, and organizing your cooler in this handy infographic!

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