Top Prater Rides and Their History

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Vienna’s Prater is the world’s oldest amusement park. Its open 24/7, which can be a point of confusion for many. While Prater itself is always open, most of the rides don’t begin running until around 10 a.m. Plan accordingly.

Prater is free to enter, but the rides themselves come with a fee that must be paid in cash. With over 250 attractions, you could go broke pretty quickly. With that in mind, here’s a list of four top Prater rides (really, the best rides in Prater) that will set you back €22,50. Cheap and fun. Off we go!

Top Vienna Prater Rides for Under €22.50!

Giant Ferris Wheel (Riesenrad)

Riesenrad, Vienna | Broke Girl Abroad

Riesenrad has been a landmark in Vienna since 1897. It stands nearly 65 meters high and offers a gorgeous view of the city. Unfortunately, it’s one of the more expensive rides in Prater. On the plus side, the wheel turns slowly, so you do get to see Vienna relatively uninterrupted. I enjoyed it, and felt it was well worth the money.

Price: €10


Prater Turm, Vienna | Broke Girl Abroad

At 117 meters (383 feet!), it’s the highest flying swing in the world. Unlike most of Prater’s attractions, this is a new addition, built in 2010. I originally wanted to ride it purely for the smugness of having been on the world’s highest swing. That was fun and all, but it’s a really neat ride.

It doesn’t go too fast, so you’re still able to see Vienna at some really stunning heights. And, towards the end as the tower lowers, you’ll always feel like your feet are about to hit a tree. Like… you know they won’t, but it still seems like they will. You feel me?

Price: €5


Volare, Vienna | Broke Girl Abroad

There are so many thrill-seeking type rides at Prater, so it’s tough to rule out a favorite. Any kind of roller coaster you could imagine is here. If you want an adrenaline rush that’s out of the ordinary, I think Volare is where your money is best spent. Just steps away from Riesenrad, Volare has you riding horizontally. At lightning speeds. Turning upside down twice. It’s equal parts weird and terrifying. I loved it.

Price: €4

The Vienna Rollercoaster

Click image for source

The Vienna Roller Coaster is a great note to end on. It was the last ride I did in Prater, and it sums up the park quite nicely. Added to the park in 1950, it’s been fantastically preserved and will give you an idea of Prater’s older days. A timber construction and conventional rail system, just like the old days, make up the structure of the ride. It’s a pleasant pace, especially for those who aren’t big roller coaster fans. It’s a fairytale setting, and very sweet.

Price: € 3,50

Any Prater rides you recommend? Let’s chat below!

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