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Is there anything better than wandering through the world’s second-oldest operating amusement park just a couple of weeks before Halloween?

Probably not. Why else would I write such a specific opening line?

The Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen are some of the most fun you can have while exploring Denmark. And in terms of Halloween decor… they throw down.

So, below are a smattering of pictures, memories and info to show you why you should visit Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens for Halloween! Let’s go!

How to Visit Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

Things to Know Before You Visit the Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens at Halloween, Copenhagen | Broke Girl Abroad

Always, always check the calendar to make sure the park is open. They close down between seasons for a week or so to set up decor. While I was studying in Prague, some friends of mine flew into Copenhagen for the weekend, only to find out that Tivoli was closed that weekend for set up. Bummer. Don’t let this happen to you!

Second, there are two types of tickets you can buy for the park. One is the Entrance Pass. It runs at 130 Danish Krone, or around $20. This will give you entrance to the park, but you’ll have to pay individually for each ride. If you’re a rollercoaster junkie, this is a bad idea. If you get motion sickness and would just like walking around and taking in views, go for this.

My fellow adrenaline junkies will unfortunately have to bite the bullet and get the Tour Pass Plus. It’s 295 Danish Krone, or $44, but gives you unlimited ride access.

What to Do in Tivoli Gardens

Vertigo in Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen | Broke Girl Abroad

Ride Vertigo

A lot of Tivoli visitors talk about how the Demon kicked ass in terms of roller coaster quality (it also has VR as of this writing). Demon is cool, don’t get me wrong. But I thought I was near death on Vertigo, and it was awesome. Imagine such sheer force that I couldn’t physically move my head. 10/10 would stare death in the face on this coaster again.

Tivoli Gardens at Halloween, Copenhagen | Broke Girl Abroad

Get Your Snack Fix

While Tivoli’s designs and rides are impeccable, the restaurants are… fine. Don’t get me wrong, I never felt like I had an awful meal there. It’s just okay, and it can get a bit pricey for a sit down meal. However, the vendors selling ice cream, shakes, poffertjes and candy? So good. I could stuff my face all day.

If however, you really do need to eat an actual meal, go to Grøften. It’s historic (since 1874) serving homestyle Danish food that isn’t too expensive. 

Tivoli Gardens at Halloween, Copenhagen | Broke Girl Abroad

Walk Around and Take it All in

Tivoli is a small park, but it’s really something. I so enjoyed grabbing a coffee and sipping it as I walked around seeing the sites and fall decor. It’s very detailed and sweet.

Tivoli Gardens at Halloween, Copenhagen | Broke Girl Abroad

Go Shopping

Right as you walk through the park entrance, you’ll see clusters of cute little shops like these. 

Sigh. I wanna go back to Tivoli. Anyone wanna join?

Anyways, you can actually enter these adorable shops and they’re packed with the cutest holiday gifts you could imagine. It took all my restraint not to walk out of the park with armloads of stuff. This is why we only take a carryon, folks. It helps us resist impulse buys on a grand scale. 

Tivoli Gardens at Halloween, Copenhagen | Broke Girl Abroad

Ride the Ferris Wheel and take in the Views

Tivoli is so fun to see at this angle. Plus, the ride goes slowly so you can take it all in.

Need I say more?

Tivoli Gardens at Halloween, Copenhagen | Broke Girl Abroad

Stay the Night

If you’re really loving it, you can actually spend the night in Tivoli. The Nimb is a 5-star hotel (read: expensive) where each of their 38 rooms have their own unique flair.

Or… if you’re just digging the building, you can eat at one of their restaurants. It’s still pricey, but considerably less so than staying the night.

Tivoli Gardens at Halloween, Copenhagen | Broke Girl Abroad

Happy Halloween, all! I’ll see you all in Tivoli, m’kay? I’ll be the one wearing the obnoxious red lipstick. Just lemme know what time I need to pick you up from the airport.

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Visiting the Tivoli Gardens at Halloween, Copenhagen | Broke Girl Abroad

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Safe travels!


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