YouVisit.com’s Top 10 Virtual Travel Tours | Machu Picchu and more!

youvisit.com virtual tours

YouVisit.com is the best thing to happen to my lonely, quarantined ass.

The website is a virtual 360° panoramic tour company that primarily specializes in virtual college campus tours. That’s how I discovered them. I work in higher ed. if a company is involved in enrollment marketing, I’ll find them.

So why bring this up? Because YouVisit.com’s virtual tours extend beyond college campuses. They have videos dedicated to the most amazing, bucket list travel destinations on earth! It’s everything a quarantined world could ever want. Visiting breathtaking locations from home. You don’t even have to wear pants.

I’ve binged through the best and decided to tell the world (read: my blog) about this amazing platform. So, in no particular order, here are YouVisit.com’s Top 10 Virtual Travel Tours!

YouVisit.com's Top 10 Virtual Travel Tours

1. Machu Picchu

I told myself, long before this pandemic began, that this year was gonna be the year I visit Peru.

So… I don’t think that’s gonna happen after all.

But! Next best thing! YouVisit.com has a virtual walk through of the trail in Machu Picchu, even taking you through Huanya Picchu and a group of friendly alpacas.

2. Vatican City

Ah, Vatican City. Having visited this beautiful space back in 2017, it was amazing to “return.” 

One of the perks of touring museums from home is that you’re not crammed in with other visitors. Here, you can take your time and take in the scenery. It’s lovely.

3. City of Barcelona

YouVisit.com’s tour of Barcelona City hits all of the high notes. Barcelona has been a bucket list city for me for awhile, so it was nice to get my feet wet.

One thing I really appreciated was an inclusion of the local market. I love visiting markets whenever I’m in a new place and can’t wait to truly visit Barcelona’s someday.

4. City of Istanbul

Someday I’ll tell you all the story of my favorite Uber driver ever. Here’s the tldr: I was in Montreal getting back to my hostel and he drove me there. On the way, he talked about growing up in Turkey and immigrating to Canada. Turkey is huge on my list, so of course I asked him where I should visit.

“Well, most people visit Istanbul. It’s beautiful, but you have to go beyond the city. There’s so much outside of Istanbul to explore.”

Point taken. But, since YouVisit.com does offer an Istanbul city tour… I think I’ll start there.

5. City of Rio de Janiero


Shoutout to YouVisit.com’s team for giving me this glorious shot of Christ the Redeemer on a sunny day. Someday, when I visit Rio (which I will) I’ll probably sprint up the steps. Well, I’ll sprint the first few then I’ll slow down cause I’m not that fit.

Nonetheless, I am way excited about viewing this in person.

6. The Louvre Museum in Paris

No trip to Paris is complete without a visit to the Louvre. I spent half a day here during my time in Paris. It was an absolute delight.

Again, virtual perks of touring this splendid palace… it was hot as hell when I visited. I would’ve given anything for A/C. But online? No sweat (literally).

7. Cartagena des Indias

In addition to exploring every single square inch of Peru, I’m also dying to get to Colombia. Mostly for the River of Five Colors, but also for every main city I can possibly visit. I mean, just look at this beauty!

Cartagena and I are meant to cross paths at some point. I need to gawk at this incredible city in person.

8. The Grand Palace in Bangkok

Tell me that we’re visiting a palace and I will run breathlessly in whatever direction it’s located. I love palaces the way some people love their family members. Makes sense why I’d go apeshit over the Grand Palace of Bangkok.

It’s huge, opulent, and breathtaking to behold. Everything I look for in a a palace. Wait for me, Bangkok.

9. Alaska the Beautiful

This is the closest I’ll get to an Alaskan cruise for the foreseeable future. This is gonna be a weird comparison, but roll with me for a bit.

Having been to both, I feel like Alaska is the U.S. version of Switzerland. Beautiful, unspoiled nature, mountain ranges, cold as can be and freaking expensive to visit. Agree or disagree, for now I’m just grateful I can stop by for free without a jacket.

10. Pyramids of Teotihuacan

Why yes, this is the second Mayan ruin we have in this post. No, I’m not sorry. I am a Mayan ruins fanatic.

I was in Belize for one week. Ask me how many Mayan ruins I visited. TWO! They were spectacular!

So, of course, I see another YouVisit.com Mayan ruin tour, I gotta recommend it. Enjoy!

You can find more YouVisit.com virtual travel tours here! Comment below with your favorite!

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YouVisit.com's Top 10 Virtual Travel Tours | Broke Girl Abroad

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